About Us

 TBAS's Objectives

- To uphold the Tchoukball Charter, demonstrating an exemplary, cooperative and positive spirit in the promotion of the sport in Singapore, both recreationally and competitively.

- To facilitate the development of Tchoukball to ensure a progressive growth in terms of size, level of participation and level of competitiveness.

- To organise the nation's participation in overseas competitions wherever possible and host international competitions locally.

- To work with international and continental Tchoukball associations (FITB and APTBF respectively) to achieve the above objectives.



TBAS Committee 2013-2014

  Mr. Muhammad Rezal Bin Ramli
  Mr. Jeff Ang
General Secretary
  Ms. Yeo Bee Lian
  Ms. PAN Hui Ping
Assistant Treasurer
    Mr. Khoo Teng Thai Royston
Coaches Committee
  Mr. Huang YuChi
NSA Development Committee
  Ms. Wynn CHEW
Curriculum Development
  Ms. Inez HONG
  Mr. Mark Sum
JTA Coordinator
  Mr. Muhammad Fadli
Tournament Committee
  Ms. Melissa Lim
Referees Committee
  Mr. Arnold Hu
Merchandise & Membership Committee
  Mr. Han Koon Siew
IT Committee