How to play Tchoukball?

Learn How to Play

- Tchoukball is played with two 'rebound frames'. These 
  frames measure 90 centimetres square and are situated
  at both ends of  the court.

- A line runs 3 metres from the centre of the bottom of
  the frame around in a semi-circle. This area is called 
  the 'D' or 'forbidden zone'.

- The court size varies greatly depending on the ages of
  the players; a full size international standard court is
  40m by 20m in size.

- Unlike most other team games you can score at both

- There are 10 players in each team, including 3 subs.

- Players fall into 3 categories: Wingers, Forward Pivots
  and Centre Pivots.

- To score a point the ball must be thrown at the end so
  that it lands over the line of the D.

Rules and Regulations

- No player can stand in the 'D' with the ball, although it
  is allowed to be airborne.

- Only 3 consecutive shots at a frame from both teams is

- Any interfering with another teams passes or movement
  is not allowed.


A foul results in the opposing team gaining possesion at the site of the foul. This team must then make one pass before they can shoot at goal. After a point is scored the other team restarts the game behind the scoring frame.

- Only 3 passes between a team is allowed. Making 4 is
  considered a foul.

- Catching a rebound from your team's shot is not

- Stepping out of bounds with the ball is a foul.

- Dropping the ball is a foul.

Point Loss

A player gives a point to the opposing team when shooting and :

- The ball rebounds and lands immediately in the
  forbidden zone.

- The ball rebounds and goes out of the playing area.

- The ball rebounds and touches him.

- Misses the rebound surface completely.