TBAS Training Programme

TBAS Training Programme

We operate the TBAS Training Programme all year round and potential players of all ages are scouted and invited to join this programme to be developed into elite players.

Upon confirmation, these players will then continue in the programme and be known as TBAS Training Squad players, not national team players. These Training Squad players are further divided into various age group eg M12, M15, M18 squads (M18 stands for Maximum 18 years old) to be trained by the respective coaches.  ss18 years old

Whenever there is an international competition, the national team will be selected from these training squads for this particular competition. Training will then be stepped up as this national team prepares for it.

Once this competition is over, the national team will be officially disbanded and the players return back to the TBAS Training Programme as Training Squad players until the next competition.

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Upcoming International Competitions

Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships 2012 (APYTC 2012)
Venue : Melaka, Malaysia
Date : 20-22 July 2012
Categories : M12 Boys & Girls, M15 Boys & Girls, M18 Boys & Girls

Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2012 (APTC 2012)
Venue : Bacolod, Philippines
Date : 3-5 Aug 2012
Categories : Men & Women

World Youth Youth Tchoukball Championships 2012 (WYTC 2013)
Venue : Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Date : July 2013
Categories : M12 Boys & Girls, M15 Boys & Girls, M18 Boys & Girls