Pick-Up Games

Information for Pick-up Games

if you are interested to play Tchoukball, please look through the pick up games' details and you are welcomed to join us, whether it is to learn, to train or to bring friends to learn the sport.

Do feel free to contact the person in charge to check before you come down, in case there is no pick up for that week.


What is a “Pick-Up Game”?

This is where anyone from anywhere, of any size and shape, is able to come and PICK UP the game of tchoukball.


Creating a tchoukball culture...

1) Introduce and mingle

Bring a friend! And when you bring a friend, DO NOT FORGET to introduce him/her to as many people as possible. Why? So that now he/she is not limited by you. If you have diarrhoea the following week, your friend does not need you. He/She has made tons of friends at the tchoukball pick-up to feel comfortable enough to come!

If you don't have a friend, then MAKE A FRIEND. Mingle with those that are already there. Hang loose.

2) Bring a dark (coloured) top and a light top
This way we can change teams around very easily, without the use of bibs too! We can also get people to mix around. If they come in a group, tell them sorry! Please split up. Join either the DARK SIDE or LIGHT SIDE

3) Have fun!

Having fun is not as simple as you think. Whenever you play, you always want to win. NOT GOOD ... relax ... try your funky or trick shots if you want ... and if your opponent makes a good play, PRAISE THEM!


Mould the future generation ... sounds familiar? Heh ... yeah please teach those who are beginners! Let them feel that they are not the only ones who are lousy … everyone there is lousy ... nobody in singapore is good ….. so do share your experience and slowly we can build up the pool of players.

Please remember that the purpose of pick-ups is to PICK UP THE GAME. so let us have an encouraging atmosphere and a friendly environment so that people will be able to come and LEARN tchoukball together.

It does not matter if you come individually or in a group. New comers are welcome to join us. We will accommodate you and teach you the game if you are new to the game.